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2024 World Heavyweight Championships

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2024 World Heavyweight Championships

We are proud to announce that the Halkirk Games will be hosting the prestigious 2024 RSHGA World Heavyweight Championships. The prize money for the overall points in the Heavies will be changed as follows: The two sets of overall points prizes (for UK heavies and overseas heavies) will be dropped and replaced with one set – 1st and world champion £1,000. 2nd – £750. 3rd – £500. 4th – £300. 5th – £200. 6th – £100. (Totalling £2,850.)

This means that the total prize money on offer is around £22,000, with another £21,000 on offer for breaking records!

The prize money for each individual Heavy event will remain the same as for 2023, i.e. £75 for 1st, etc.

The sheaf toss event will not count towards the overall points in the World Championships.

Entries for the Heavies and all other track and field events are taken on the day, but everyone must register with the Secretary before 12 noon and receive a Halkirk Games number to pin onto shirt/top.

If you have any queries, please contact the Secretary via this website’s contact page.

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